Catch the Clients You Want

The barbering industry is skyrocketing like never before. More and more, men are starting to jump into the world of self-care and for them it starts with barbering. This grooming space consists of men focusing on their needs to put their best face forward - hair, skin, and so much more.

The barbering industry is becoming so huge that shops like The Gents Place are opening up across the nation to give the next level grooming experience.

The next level grooming experience we are talking about here is that of a monthly membership for men to enjoy their scheduled “self-care days”. It is time we empower the gentlemen of the world to have the confidence they need to change the world.

More and more, men are wanting to be the best they can be. They want to look their best in order to convey a more professional appearance. it is no longer taboo for men to be interested in grooming.

Where does ThyFlow come in?

ThyFlow is about to take this next level up to the next! To do that, we need top-notch barbers who are willing to take a small risk for a big reward.

You might ask what the risk is? Well, with ThyFlow you are moving completely out of the four walls of the barber shop. You are about to take the barber shop to your customer. Not only will you be able to take on clients conveniently as would an Uber or Lyft driver, but you will begin to build a base that can become your “regulars” on your schedule.

ThyFlow is a new adventure, but in the world of mobile ordering and ride services, we are fully assured that our adventure is about to spark a fire that won’t be easily put out. We want to take the stress of grooming away and provide our customers convenience that is unmatched.

Heed the Call

This is a shout out to all the local barbers in the California Bay Area. We need you! We need your expertise and skills. We need your willingness to jump into this venture with us. We need you to join our team so that we can revolutionize the grooming industry and start a movement that has never been seen before.

Here at ThyFlow we are all about providing our customers with the best service. By partnering with local barbers, like you, we are giving a sense of community to our customers. We are keeping familiarity and mixing it with a sense of new. Plus, we are giving you the chance to catch the clients you want! What could be better!

Be sure to follow our blog to stay on top of the latest ThyFlow news, updates and opportunities. Become part of the revolution that is sweeping the service industry in California.

ThyFlow Mobile Service provides customers with a convenient and stress-free alternative to getting a great haircut at home or wherever they may be. Use the ThyFlow App or Website to view local mobile barber & Hair Stylist profiles and book an appointment.

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