Featured on the App, Benefit to Your Wallet

If you clicked on this post, you already know ThyFlow is about to make big waves in the hair grooming industry. In the age of Gen-Z’ers and Millennials, the act of convenience is one that everyone is searching for. What will make my life easier? How can I get the best bang for my buck in a short amount of time?

We are seeing this type of thought process more and more as mobile ordering takeout is becoming commonplace. Look at Doordash and Ubereats with a few taps on your phone you can have food ordered and delivered in no time. With ThyFlow, you are about to not only have that same experience, but your self-care game is about to go up thousands of points!

Features on the App

The ThyFlow app overall will allow you to connect with groomers, such as barbers and hair stylists, through the Bay Area of California. This might appear like a worrisome task, especially because you are dealing with someone whom you have never met, but also because you are putting your head into their hands (literally!).

Benefit to Your Wallet

nitially it might appear a little strange that you are “ordering” a grooming service via an app But, trust us, your wallet will thank you. You will not have to worry about paying for gas to get to your barber shop. Plus, you will be able to know exactly how much you are spending on self-care with this app. ThyFlow wasn’t created to break your bank. We want to give you all the benefits of a good barber with the convenience of the 21st century.

Be sure to follow our blog to stay up to date on all our latest news here at ThyFlow. With your help, we are about to start a revolution in the service industry of California.

ThyFlow Mobile Service provides customers with a convenient and stress-free alternative to getting a great haircut at home or wherever they may be. Use the ThyFlow App or Website to view local mobile barber & Hair Stylist profiles and book an appointment.

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